"Wasted Quarter Presents"

The DeAD MiLkMen Chaos Rules....
A Wasted Quarter Tribute to The First Band That Really Mattered

Now They're Gone. I'll Try To Get By.
"I'LL Be Your Stupid Happy Clown."

Sadly, I lost Touch with the Milkmen over the years. After purchasing "Bucky Fellini"
and "Beelzabubba", I grew more interested in The Cure and They Might Be Giants.
So I stopped paying attention to new releases and lost track of what they were up to.
I guess they played First Avenue a lot in the last 5 or so years, and I never got to
see them. For some reason I never cared to check up even though I watched the
"Methodist Coloring Book" video every morning in ninth grade untill the tape broke.

So Recently I found myself at 20/20 on new release day. Jay was stocking
"Stoney's Extra Stout (Pig)" with a label that reads "Their Final Studio LP".
What had I done? I'd ingorned one of my favorite bands untill they were no longer
around and it was to late to care about them.

When I was in Junior High I mainly sat in my room and played a lot of Nintendo
For awhile I fell into the trap of listening to "Pop" radio.
And for a short time, I almost -GASP- Liked it.
Untill The Dead Milkmen came along. So in that sense, they saved my life.
I definitly wouldn't be the same person I am today, If I kept listening to
the crap that I was. I'd probably be some trendy "motherfuck that thinks Alanis Moreifette"
has something to say." No THank YOu!

AND THE DEAD MILKMEN. This album deserving of the award on it's own,
but I can't take it away from "The Rapture" which also earned the award.

A Shags Record would
Be A Good Sound Investment.

Do You Know what pisses me off HuH?
THe God Damn Perodic Table of the Elements! They got 109 or so
Naturally occouring Elements. Then they got 10 or 11 of these non-naturally
occouring man made Elements. They give them names like Ginstienium
and Californium and Nobelium But what I wanna know is...
If the're Man Made? Then How in the Hell can they be Elements..

I don't know how life will go on without THe Dead Milkmen. I will miss them that's for sure.
I Remember listening to The Dead Milkmen in 6th grade, while everyone else drooled over bon
jovi and the Beastie Boys. I asked for and recieved a copy of "Eat Your Paisley"! for my
12th birthday and spent most of my junior high listening to KKSUCK2, Moron, Beach Party Vietnam,
Earwig, and Fifty Things.

There are others...
And then there is me.

Science has proved
THe Shags were much better than
The Beatles.

"Blind Lemon Lipshitz"
Yesterday I went to "The Commercial Giant" and picked up "Live At
The Trocadero", Two live shows of their earlier hits such as;
Bitchin' Camaro, Tacoland, Smokin' Banana Peels, and Laundromat Song.
Kindly enough, This seemed to make up for my loss of never seeing
them perform live.

"THe Shags were Right;
You're never going to Please Everybody".

"The Blues is a product,
not unlike computer chips or
Tampons. The Blues is a way
for white kids to feel that
they understand the feelings
of Black People, without
actually having to meet

Upon purchase I rediscovered all joy I used to get by listening to them piss on all
the things I thought needed to be pissed on. This was the only band I could ever find
that spoke directly to me like a friend and not some condescending know it all.
THe band that sang "Life is Shit" to me before I really believed it.

In Tenth grade I sat next to a kid who drew "Public Enemy"
logo's on everything. He gave everyone a lot of shit for the way
they dressed. He had dark black saved hair and a hugh nose.
My friends caled him "Mutant Depeche Mode Guy". For some reason
HE thought I was cool because I listened to The Dead Milkmen.
Well I thought it was an interesting anecdote.

If you really wanted to,
You could go out right now and buy
a Shags Record.

I stand by my decision, and will enjoy listening to this for
many months to come outlined only by my sadness that
this is the last time I can listen
to a new Dead Milkmen album.
Joe Jack Talcum, Dave Blood, Dean Clean, Rodney Anonymous Melloncamp
you will be missed.

"Stoney's Extra Stout (Pig)" THe Offical-By Fractions-
Aaron Album Award Winner For 1995!!!

sorry siouxsie.

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The Dead Milkmen Tribute was featured in: Wasted Quarter #22 Winter 1995

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