Wasted Quarter Presents
A Dead Milkmen Update

Released in the WQ zine
December 1996
Written by: JohnC

"Daddy, where have the Dead Milkmen all GoNe ?"

The Dead Milkmen may have called it quits, but they are still
alive and well. Including them and their DM Music.
The Foursome bunch was a amazing bunch.
THey made music that was original, which is sometimes
hard to find these days. They were funny, wild and crazy.
But mostly for me they kepted me going during the rough
time I would encounter at school. They kepted me thinking that its
a joke , and to just have fun. Which is how I took it.

The Dead Milkmen started to form in the late 1979,
After Joe and friend Garth made a comedy tape which was based on a band
called the Dead Milkmen. Which Rodney heard about at school
and couldn't believe that a quiet kid in the lunch room, made this tape.
The tape called "So Long Seventies" was born.
Joe started the first DM Newzletter at that time.
With little circulation though would soon grow.

Next after Rodney joined in, Joe and Garth made another
tape. " Folk Songs for the Eighties" this was the birth of the Joe Jack
Talcum and Rodney writing team.
It wasn't until March 1982, Joe got Rodney to see a band called Narthex ( which Dean
was drumming for) This got them into say, " If these guys can get away with it,
So can we !"
Joe's dorm friend suggested that he get together with his brother who
played Bass. They got together an all went fine, Along with
Rodneys lyrics and Joes they started putting together songs.
They ended up recording " A Date with The Dead Milkmen",
raw and homemade, The tape that got them some local fanzine exposure.

It wasn't until July 23, 1983, that the DM played a show at
the Harleysville Youth Center.
Which after missing rehearsals Rodney showed up.
This marked the real birth of the Dead Milkmen.
The DM Milktruck began to roll.
Playing DIY gigs all over, including a show in a barn.
This was layed on tape and became " Funky Barn" the first tape sold
to their growing following.

In January 1984 another basement tape was made,
"Death Rides A Pale Cow" which included the first version of
Bitchin' Camaro. Which started to get them airplay.
On May 6, 1984 the Dead Milkmen get a break and played a
live studio performance at WXPN in Philly.
Which resulted in the best sounding tape yet, "Dead Milkmen Take the Airwaves".
This is what made them go from Philly's stupid little joke band,
to Philly's most popular stupid joke band.
Within a Year later they would get signed to Fever Records, along with the
first album Big Lizard in My Backyard.

NOw after Nine Full Length albums and Three Great E.P.s,
the DM have parted ways to pursue other interests.
Yes it is very sad, when I found out it was difficult a really difficult thing to handle.
I knew that I would never get another chance to see them on tour again,
to enjoy the fun times at their shows. All that was left was the music.
No the DM did not die, though it almost seems like it in a way.

This is where us DM fans come in to help out our favorite band members.
Rodney has formed a band with great amazing wife Vienna, in a
band called "Burn Witch Burn". A Irish folk punk rock flute music type call it what you want.
It is really amazing stuff, with the great Rodney vocals and even Vienna's amazing voice to
make this band stand out in a really different way. They have a tape out now, that you can
get your very own copy from Vienna & Rodney.

Joe is the other DM member who has gone on to make music.
His band called "Touch Me Zoo", plays a different kind from BWB and the DM, or maybe
a touch of DM. The DM can still be found in the Lyrics, that tend to lend to a sarcastic sense. Ahhhh.
The Zoo crew has come up with a lot of material over the 3 or 4 years together.
They have four tapes available, from the old DM address which is now the TMZ address.

The other DM members are still around, Dave Blood decided to go back to college.
Which is pretty wild. Hes at the University of Indiana. Where he is studing Eastern European
Politics and Culture. He hopes to make a move there eventually.

Dean Clean has decided to get back into his art work.
He has become a freelance artist in computer images, and art work.
He has also been said to be still doing stuff with Big Mess Orchrestra in Philly.
I have also heard that he manages a Bookstore / Musicstore up in Philly.

Besides the members of the band, the fans have been still in love and missing the DM.
We have been supporting the new bands, and are making some good connections on our computers.
Yes ! there are a few DM websites out there.
If you can connect here are the addresses to these great places:

By Glenn K ! This was one of the frist to come out.
Chad Hobbs DM website:
The Third Dead Milkmen Home Page Yes this was the Third one made.
Restless Records DM page.

The Newest
( by myself ) which I hope can and will offer different stuff than the other
DM sites out there.
The DM \ TMZ \ BWB HomePage

The DM Message Board
Everyday check in it is the most happening thing in the DM websites.
Its part of Glenn K's homepage, and it regularly gets visited by the one and only Rodney
and his wife Vienna from BWB.

DM Message Board

Burn Witch Burn Rodney has the Offical BWB site out there.

The somewhat Official Touch Me Zoo site.
My page also has a BWB page
Check it out !
The DM \ TMZ \ BWB HomePage

There is a lot of information on them out there.
Which is so great. All I can say is go out there and check them all out.
Good DM wishes.
Don't even forget about the new bands of theirs, it is important to support them.
Contact them for tapes :

Burn Witch Burn : tapes send self stamped envelopes for replys.
PO Box 2049
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Touch Me Zoo : Write to for Tape info send self stamped envelopes for reply.
PO Box 58152
Philadelphia, PA 19102-8152

In the newest Dead Milkmen newz. Which is all too exciting.
A unknown release date as of yet, There will be one more DM Album to add to your collection.
Rodney has let us all in on the DM Message Board , that Restless Records
wants to release a Greatest Hits CD.
The DM will be getting back together though, to record two more songs for the album. Yipppyy YEA !
I asked Rodney if they will do a tour for this hits album.
His reply in his own words:

Posted by: 
Rodney Anon. 
on October 02, 1996 at 22:36:10 

In Reply to: 
The Milkmen have to TOUR ! please .. 
posted by jOhN C. 
on October 02, 1996 at 12:43:28

Body of Message 
Sorry, I'll tour with BWB. Then again, I said I'd never write another DM song.


end of DM newz / happenings.

Some of the history story was from the Now We Are Ten liner notes
The Rest was put together by myself for A Wasted Quarter zine.
December 1996

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