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October 22, 2003 - Here I am for my yearly update. Not really, but it almost worked out that way. Again, I hope all is going well for everyone. Sorry for not being able to post updates often. There has been a lot of exciting DM news lately. A Now We Are 20 CD and a video comp. DVD.

I added two links, both of which are sites operated by the famed Big Time Operator. Dead Milkmen in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Dead Milkmen Yahoo! Groups

Furthermore, I have been focusing most of my time on another website I created. It is for the best radio station in the entire world. KEXP 90.3FM located in Seattle. I created a website for the fans of a DJ there named John Richards aka John In The Morning. If you are looking to get into some great not quite known bands, check out this site: The Morning Faithful's Gathering John In The Morning has even played the Dead Milkmen.

Have a good rest of the year...johnec

October 27, 2002- Wow, where in the heck is time going. It has been almost a year since the last time I have posted an update here. I have done minor changes to the site, but failed to put any remarks here.
First off, hope everyone is well and are managing to have fun.
It has been a long year for johneecc. I was hit pretty hard with the newz of Glenn K. unexpectedly passing. On my move across the country from Tampa Bay to Seattle, I was lucky to have meet Glenn and hang with this cool dude. Glenn created another Dead Milkmen website, one that was part of the first on the net. He also is well known for his ever lasting contribute with the creation of the Dead Milkmen Free-For-All. He will be truly missed.

On another note, a few developments in the Milkmen world.
Most importantly, is the beginning of a CowCon, better known as
The First Dead Milkmen Convention.
Visit the site and email Big Time Operator to give your input on how we can make this happen.

January 23, 2002- Sorry that I have not been updating this page about changes I have made to the DM site. Hopefully you noticed the changes minor and minorMajor. Happy New Year to start off with, hope for everyone this year will be good to them.
A major change for the site is the upgrade from a banner site to no ads at all. The charge from freeservers is minimal so I figured why not. Please I think we all need to realize the days of free stuff from our computers is coming to an end. We have seen companies fold left and right. Guess now we have to understand to get services you have to pay some fees. So enjoy the site with out having to deal with any ads.
I added a new page to the site, which is mainly something I am into, called My Favorite Stuff . Besides all of this, the rest have been some minor fixes and changes.
On another subject MP3s, Joe J.T. got me hooked on a new service from emusic. A subscription mp3 service. It is really nice to be able to find albums in full, titled and labeled correctly to download. Besides that, they also hold albums unreleased and strictly emusic released by some great artist like Frank Black and Violent Femmes . Anyways, if anyone is interested check it out. I am sure you will like it also, after you get your 50 free mp3s, you can choose to sign up for a 3 month agreement or 6 months and you can cancel at anytime before.

Have fun, enjoy

October 12, 2001- Today, I managed to work on updating a few pages. It has been a long over due fix. Fixed dead links, added a few links to pages, added 3 more DM flyers, besides that it was all mostly maintenance. Which can be some what time consuming, when it gets out of hand.
Sorry to not be as faithful to this site, as I once was, I will try to work on more things in the near future.
Newz on the DM front, BWB has called it quits, TM's are still taking some time off, but they are working under their other band The Low Budgets . They are releasing two 7" records, check their site for more info on this. Pleaseeasaur signs with Razler Records , releases a EP cd, and has been touring in support.
That is about it, to find more up-to-date info, you know where to check, the DM FFA.

July 02, 2001- Since my last written update here there has been several
changes to the website as well as band newz. I managed to do minor updating on the Pleaseeasaur, Burn Witch Burn and Dead Milkmen site.
Other newz Dean is now in charge of the DM FFA Message board . CoolBoard was closing its doors, as well as MySpace where I had a few MP3's stored in a shared folder.
Lastly, Rodney informed us that Burn Witch Burn were no longer going to be making music. Here is Rodney's post on the FFA:

05/09/01 9:39 AM
Hello. Hello, everybody (Hi, Dr. Nick). Sorry that I haven't posted in a long time but I've been very busy. I got promoted (in most cases this would be a good thing, but...)and my workload tripled. That's why I decided that now would be a good time to retire from music (in most cases this would be a bad thing, but...), so I folded up Burn Witch Burn. At first I thought I'd be bored & depressed, but the opposite has happened. Now I spend my weekends going to see bands (Torsion, Carfax Abby, Tapping the Vein, Live Not on Evil,... ... Stehndal, and a few others that I'm gonna get killed for forgetting.) Vienna is fine, although she still hasn't seen Fight Club.

Mar. 15, 2001- Somewhat re-did the Burn Witch Burn page, just a little. Added a Intro to BWB, which is from the insert on their CD.
Also uploaded a few more shows in my Shared MP3 folder.
You will have to open an account to get to them. Use this link:
This way I can get more Memory (by refering someone) to store more Dead Milkmen shows. And most importantly you will need my shared folder password to get the tunes, which simply is: dm

Feb. 01, 2001- The winner of the DM GiveAway is
George Chenoweth from Florida
who is also in the band The Antics .
Just want to thank everyone for entering and visiting the DM site. Someday there will be another giveaway.

Jan. 17, 2001- Don't forget to enter the DM Giveaway before Jan. 31, 2001 that is the last day for the giveaway before one lucky person wins a signed DM cd. A little status on it so far, there are 38 entrys.
Also the DM Chat Room is now back online, Looks as though Jeremy's 3DM site has gone down. I am not sure what is going on there.
If anyone knows, please email me.
Be sure to also check out my Shared MP3 folder, added the entire Butterfly Joe Borders Bookstore show.
When you Sign In use the Shared Password dm
Besides that, Hope everyone has had a good New Year
Best of luck to you.

Nov. 16, 2000- There is a New/Old GiveAway going on !!
Fill out and Submit the form to enter, thats all you have to do. Not sure when this will end, How about ....Jan. 31, 2001...
That sounds good. Its a CD of Stoney's Extra Stout that is autographed by Joe and Rodney. I meant to give this away a while back. But ended up never getting around to it. Now seems like a good time to do this. Seeing I just dug it up out of boxes from moving.
The One Winner will be pick by random from old style name in a hat.
Good Luck !

Oct. 18, 2000- Uploaded some MP3s to a shared file online. You can go there to download DM songs. You do have to register to use the site. When you Sign In use the Shared Password dm .

Sept. 28, 2000- Time sure flys when you are having fun, and even when you are really busy too. Its been almost one year since I left the Great NW "Seattle" on Oct. 1st 1999. Where has this year gone too ?
As most of you know, Burn Witch Burn just release their first Nationally Released Album on the great Razler Records/Lightyear.
Its a Must have for all collections.
On OtherNewz recently I have been converting all my rare/live cds into MP3 cds. Its nice to have the whole collection about 25 cds all onto 2 cds. It will be a lot easier to help everyone else out, those looking for copys of my collection. Thats all the Newz. Hope everyone is having Fun!

June 22, 2000- During my break from school July 20th - Aug. 20th, 2000 I will be taking request for copys of Live/Rarities/Covers CD.
Anyone wishing to get anything on my list, should email me I can put these on CD if one wishes to have it on that format, all of my shows/rarities are on CDs, trying to preserve the Milkmen. The Covers CD is something I put together to give out to any Milkmen Fans that requested it, I emailed a bunch of people and posted about it on the FFA. I have made about 40 copys for DM fans. Its a real nice collection of Live Covers and Various Other stuff. Looking to make Vol. 2 soon, someday..
Here are the links to the two pages of CDs.
Live Covers & Various Others
Live Shows / Rarities
Hope I can help a few people out. If its after the time above it may take a bit longer to make copys seeing work and School pretty much tie me up, I will do my best.

May 31, 2000- Did some adding of links to a few pages. Including Dead Milkmen, Town Managers, Touch Me Zoo and Burn Witch Burn. Links range from New Newz on the bands, or new found sites and updating info.
check them out .

May 25, 2000- After months of being on the busy side, and on the little down time I would get I worked on my DM page, Which up to today I was unable to send my server updates to the page. Maybe someone out there can figure this one out. Since I got my new computer, a Sony Vaio Digital Studio I have had problems, Must of been cursed at the store when I told them I didn't want their $500 extended warrenty coverage. Have a CD-RW drive which doesn't like to work unless it was recently powered up, after 45 to Hour it doesn't recongize a CD-R / CD-RW disc. Anyways not to take to much of your time up, I put my DM website on a CD-RW disc, its fast and it changes when I resave the files. Except and I just found this out today, after trying for a while to update my website from the disc through FTP to the server. On my FTP program it has changed all my file names to lowercase and some of my website has Uppercase file names. I am soo happy I figured this out. Also its pretty nutty what has happened. Is anyone familiar with CD-RW drives and the ways they are used, guess their weird ways. email me if you know of any helping advice
Besides all that, been busy with my new schooling, in computer Windows Programming, can't believe I am yet again a student ! Now that I have this crazy file case changing solved, you shall see more updates as time allows. Hope everyone is doing fine, enjoying the slow going FFA too, take care, john

March 16, 2000- The newly recreated DM Free For All is now up and running. Glenn K has officially updated us on the final day of his Dead Milkmen site, which will be 3/22/2000. Its sad to see his site go, I figured before it does, that I would recreate some pages that I noticed could only be found on his site. These include The FFA Gallery , DM Trivia ,
Life & Times of the DM , Set Lists for Last Two Dead Milkmen Shows ..
More updating to this website will be coming soon.
Look forward to updates to the Pleaseeasaur, Butterfly Joe, Dead Milkmen and Burn Witch Burn pages soon..

December 28, 1999- The Good Newz we all have been waiting for is now a reality, Butterfly Joe signs a deal. Check all this out
on a new page I made for the occasion.
The Low down on Butterfly Joe

November 14, 1999- Its been a while since there has been an update for the site. A lot has happened for me, moving yet again back to Florida from the great NW State of Washington. On my journey back to Florida, I managed to catch a Butterfly Joe show on Oct. 15th at Borders Bookstore in Bryn Mawr, PA. This was also Joe's Birthday ! Mark your calendars...
I did little changes to the site, mainly visual ones maybe noticed maybe not.
One added addition is my friends Zine, Hes a hugh Dead Milkmen fan and he writes an excellent zine called Wasted Quarter, which is now online.
Wasted Quarter Online! Visit this site and get hooked. I had the chance to visit Aaron while on my trip out to Seattle two years ago, had a lot of fun.

June 5, 1999 - Now the Butterfly Joe and a Burn Witch Burn pictures are posted from the May 22, 1999 BJ CD release party in Philadelphia, PA. To get to the Butterfly Joe pics all you do is click the picture on the main page and click the next one to see the next one. I figured that it was a pretty good way to show them. Anyways hope you enjoy them !

June 1, 1999 - As you can tell from the main page a few of the Butterfly Joe pictures are posted. All of them came out really good ! The show was too good, amazing, the new album sounds too good too. After listening to the home recording tapes and the versions that are on the CD, It just blows my mind ! Soon I will be posting the rest of the pictures from May 22nd in Philly. Also in the works is a new location for the DM/TMZ/BWB+TM page. Yes, this is true. Not real soon, but in the near future I am going to transfer the page over to: Actually I learned of Freeservers from the new Town Managers page. Which is also on Freeservers. It seemed like such a great deal, and also it will help cut my online bill in half. So thank you Joe for this tip.

May 17,1999 - Mr. Johnny C will be heading to Philly on Saturday to see the Famed Butterfly Joe and Burn Witch Burn show at the Troc. I will be sure to post a few pictures from the event. I am very excited to be able to make this show. Last time I was in Philly, it was the best New Years I had ever had on the Eve of 1996/1997.

May 14,1999 - after months of talking about a new look for the mainpage of the DM/TMZ/BWB+TM page, it finally became a reality on May 12,1999 The New Version 5.0.

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